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At Psychology Blossom, we want to empower you on your journey with a mental health professional for improved life satisfaction. Let us work together to meet your goals.

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Everyone Deserves To Blossom

Therapy and Counselling in Singapore

Psychology Blossom will accompany you on your journey for improved life satisfaction. Let our psychologists and counsellors help you meet your goals

Our Psychologists and Counsellors

Individual | Couples

Priya has over 10 years of experience working with children, youths, adults and families in the social work and counselling field. She has worked with many systems in Singapore such as MSF, Family Justice Courts, and HDB

Individual l Couples

Claudia Doig is an empathetic therapist, skilled in diverse therapies, fostering healthier lives and relationships for individuals and couples.

Individual | Assessments

Jae-Mie Yiew provides specialised assessments for ADHD, Autism, IQ, and personality traits. Her integrative therapeutic approach supports individuals and couples in their journey towards growth and well-being.

Individual l Children| Adults

Bhavani Deva, licensed Clinical Psychologist, fosters safe, non-judgmental spaces to empower clients in finding meaning and overcoming emotional difficulties. Bilingual in English and Tamil.

Counselling and Psychotherapy Singapore

Get the help you need to overcome challenges and reach your goals. Counselling and Psychotherapy services in Singapore for individuals, couples, and families. Contact us today to schedule a session with one of our experienced psychologists, or counsellors.

Experience the transformative power of individual therapy/counselling in Singapore with Deborah Ong, our trusted Sr. Clinical Psychologist, and our team of experienced therapists. Overcome challenges, achieve goals, and find relief from anxiety, depression, and stress. Empower your journey to thrive.
Contact us today to embark on your transformative path.

Passionate about reigniting and enhancing relationships, our Certified Gottman Therapist, Claudia Doig, and counsellor, Nadya Tan, collaborates with couples from diverse backgrounds. Drawing on extensive research of thousands of couples across generations, she implements tailored approaches. Sessions offer a blame-free and non-judgmental space for transformative growth.

Our experienced Clinical Psychologist, Syaza Hanafi, is dedicated to helping your child or teenager build beneficial thinking patterns, develop healthy behavioural habits, and unleash their full potential through play and therapy, empowering them and your family to experience better mental health and life satisfaction.

Our senior child psychologist and family therapist, Qianyi strongly advocates for working together with and strengthening families to offer psychosocial support to their children, especially those who have special needs.

Psychological Assessments Singapore

Offering thoughtful and thorough ADHD, Autism, Adoption, and IQ & Personality assessments, we are dedicated to understanding you. We focus on precise diagnosis and practical interventions, fostering self-awareness and mental wellness. Experience the empathy and commitment that defines our approach to better mental health.

Diagnosing adult ADHD can be intricate as symptoms are often masked.

Our Clinical Psychologist, Jae-Mie Yiew, conducts comprehensive evaluations for attention, achievement, capabilities, IQ, and behaviour.
Feedback includes personalised coping strategies and a detailed report, aiding understanding and management of ADHD.

Understanding the complexities of adoption in Singapore, we provide comprehensive assessments of prospective parents' psychological readiness.

Our detailed reports and thoughtful recommendations guide you, facilitating informed decisions and a smoother transition into parenthood, ensuring a positive and fulfilling experience.

Our empathetic Autism assessments navigate complexities to provide clear and accurate diagnoses.

By evaluating unique behavioural aspects, we offer insightful reports and guidance, fostering understanding and supporting tailored interventions for enhanced life quality, emotional well-being, growth, and empowerment.

Our Personality Assessment & IQ Testing offers invaluable insights into your unique cognitive abilities and personality traits.
By understanding these facets, you can unlock potential and navigate life more effectively.
Our detailed report provides clarity and guidance, helping you make informed decisions about career, education, and personal growth.

Counselling and Psychotherapy in Singapore

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Counselling and Psychotherapy in Singapore

We are a team comprising of clinical psychologists and counsellors  based in Singapore endeavouring our best to prioritise our clients’ needs. When you embark on this journey with us, we take a collaborative approach where you and your therapist work closely together, and listen to what you have to say No judgments, and in a safe space.

Instead of telling you the do’s and don't’s, we want to understand your situation from your perspective. Our psychotherapy sessions in Singapore will help you rediscover areas in your life that you never knew mattered.

For therapy in Singapore (be it in person or online psychotherapy sessions), our clinical psychologists and counsellors will work to best provide you with the necessary steps to take to meet your goals. Your story matters to us, and our dedicated clinical psychologists and counsellors in Singapore are here to guide through your journey of self-discovery.


Psychologist Singapore

Where to go for therapy or counselling in Singapore?

Every one of our clinical psychologists and counsellors in Singapore are trained locally and also internationally. We provide clients with a non-judgmental, safe space to work together on individual challenges. Depending on the presentation and preferences of each individual, clients need therapy sessions over a few weeks or months. By undergoing therapy in Singapore, we aim to help you achieve your goals by focusing on strategies that can be applied in the present, as well as concurrently understanding and processing the past.

All along, we have enabled our clients to become their own therapist, by equipping them with techniques and ways of dealing with situations that arise over the course of in-person or online therapy, and healing wounds from the past through awareness, self-compassion, and corrective experiences. Our psychotherapy sessions in Singapore are conducted in person, otherwise, your therapist can meet you on video call for online sessions via our secure Telehealth platform to suit your needs.

Psychologist Singapore

Where to go for therapy or counselling in Singapore?


Psychotherapy FAQs

Therapy can benefit anyone who feels that the situation they are in is overwhelming, if their concerns are impacting their daily functioning, and if they are motivated to change old patterns and learn new, more adaptive strategies to overcome their challenges.

Therapy can also be beneficial if you are seeking improvement in managing relationships, your emotions, and overall life satisfaction.