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Past experiences shape each of us in unique ways. Sometimes, automatic ways of being can sabotage our relationships. Collaboratively, Psychology Blossom seeks to improve your quality of life through awareness and self-actualisation.

Who Can Benefit from Individual Therapy?

You would benefit from individual therapy if your well-being is affected by one or more of the following:

✽   Choosing wrong partners, experiencing unhappy relationships

✽   Having problems with your family, friends, or romantic partner

✽   A history of childhood trauma or abuse

✽   Finding it hard to make and keep friends and/or maintain relationships

✽   Low mood accompanied by negative feelings such as helplessness, emptiness, and/or lack of motivation

✽   Tightness in the chest, fear of certain situations and environments

✽   Fear of negative social evaluation

✽   Fear of contamination or intrusive thoughts

✽   Stress at work or at home (burnout)

✽   Angry outbursts

✽   Struggling with chronic pain

✽   You or someone close to you has been diagnosed with terminal illness

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