Children and Teens Counselling Singapore

Children & Teens Counselling is helpful in building up a child’s self-esteem and enhancing communication skills to overall ensure a healthier development for the child.

Psychology Blossom therapists specialise in identifying the needs and strengths of a child, as well as improving their ability to cope with stress, anxiety, and anger management all the while working with parents, thus leading to better quality of life.

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Child and Teen Counselling

If your child is showing one or more of the following behaviours and/or characteristics:

  • Unprovoked Aggression, Violence
  • Regression (e.g. Bedwetting, Tantrums, Excessive Fearfulness)
  • Emotional and/or Psychological Distress from Trauma
  • Anxiety, Depression, Persistent Sadness
  • Recurrent Nightmares, Intrusions, Sleeping Difficultie
  • Hallucinations, Hearing Voices
  • Suicidal Ideation, Self-Harm
  • Fidgeting, Inability to Concentrate
  • Change in Eating Habits

Or if your child is going through major changes in life events like:

  • Divorce, Custody Evaluation
  • Relocation, Changing Schools
  • New Sibling
  • Traumatic Event (e.g. Abuse, Bullying)

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Our Children & Teens Therapists in Singapore

Alexandra Chomat

Individual | Children

Alexandra Chomat, a French clinical psychologist, specializes in working with children and youth of all ages, helping them overcome mental health challenges.

Syaza Hanafi

Clinical Psychologist

Individual l Couples

Clinical Psychologist Syaza Hanafi helps adults, children & teens improve their emotional wellbeing, reach goals & live meaningful lives. She uses play therapy & Sandtray.

Priya Vijayan

Individual l Couples

Priya has over 10 years of experience working with children, youths, adults and families in the social work and counselling field. She has worked with many systems in Singapore such as MSF, Family Justice Courts, and HDB

Bhavani Deva

Bhavani Deva, licensed Clinical Psychologist, fosters safe, non-judgmental spaces to empower clients in finding meaning and overcoming emotional difficulties. Bilingual in English and Tamil

About Us

We are a team comprising psychologists based in Singapore endeavouring our best to prioritise our clients’ needs. When you embark on this journey with us, we take a collaborative approach where you and your psychologist work closely together, and listen to what you have to say — No judgments, and in a safe space.

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