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Diagnosing ADHD in adults can be complex because many grown-ups have learned to hide or mask their symptoms over the years. Our Clinical Psychologist Jae-Mie Yiew will conduct a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation for an individual's attention, achievement, capabilities, IQ, and behavioural challenges. The feedback session comprises personalised coping strategies and a detailed report.

The Adoption Psychological Evaluation assesses suitability for parenting in the form gaining custody, guardianship and/or adoption in Singapore or overseas. The CARA-approved process includes an in-depth understanding of the prospective adoptive parents' parenting skills and style, their capability in caring and providing for the child, and psychological profile of areas to be considered.

An autism diagnosis is useful for placement in SPED schools, and also to establish baseline for intervention, which has been proven to show improvement along the spectrum. For adults, getting diagnosed only later in life could provide them with a clearer understanding of their symptoms and opens doors to being better supported.

An IQ assessment is a measurement of intelligence level but also a useful and meaningful method to assess an individual's cognitive ability and learning capacity, as well as to diagnose any learning disabilities. This type of assessment is also a mandatory requirement for entry into SPED schools in Singapore.

Clinical Psychologist

MSc (Applied Clinical Psychology), BScPsych (Hons), MBPsS


Jae-Mie specialises in conducting clinical assessments for adults and children, mainly for ADHD, Autism, IQ, and Personality. Additionally, Jae-Mie offers therapy for individuals and couples. She understands that every person is unique, and so ensures that her treatment plans are personalised to best suit her clients' needs by using a range of therapies such as CBT, ACT, Mindfulness, and Imagery. Outside of Singapore, Jae-Mie has lived in Shanghai and the UK. She is fluent in English and speaks conversational Mandarin.


✽  Adoption Psychological Evaluation
✽  ADHD Assessment
✽  Autism Assessment
✽  IQ Testing
✽  Personality Assessment
✽  Anxiety
✽  Depression
✽  Social and Communication Issues

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