Family Therapy Singapore

Family Therapy Singapore is a type of psychological counselling that helps improve the communication and resolves conflicts that takes place among family members.

Oftentimes, an individual's difficulties can be closely related to ineffective interactional patterns within their family, or emotional distancing from other family members. At such times, the engagement of the family in therapy would not only benefit the individual, but the dynamics within the whole family simultaneously. This outcome would likely have a cascading effect by positively impacting every family member and the relationships between the family members.

Who Can Benefit from Family Therapy?

Beneficial if the family experiences any of these challenges:

✽   Family members not talking to each other

✽   Inability to communicate well with each other

✽   Going through separation or divorce

✽   Dealing with terminal illness or grief

✽   One or more family member has a disorder

✽   Lack of routines and engagement

✽   Life adjustments to new situations

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