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Clinical Psychologist

MPsych(Clin), BPsych (Hons), MSPS, MSRP

Clinical Hours (Online only; Resuming f2f sessions Q4 2023)
Mondays to Fridays 9am to 6pm* | 6pm to 9pm**
Saturdays 9am to 9pm**

Individual Therapy (50min): SGD248* | SGD278**
Individual Therapy (80min intake/extended): SGD372* | SGD402**

Student Fees
Individual Therapy (50min): SGD208* | SGD238**
Individual Therapy (80min intake/extended): SGD312* | SGD342**

Bhavani Deva is a licensed and registered Clinical Psychologist with the Singapore Psychological Society. She places great emphasis in establishing a strong therapeutic alliance so as to provide clients with a safe and non-judgmental space to work through their emotional difficulties. She believes in collaboratively empowering clients to move towards living meaningful lives.

Bhavani first gained experience in working with individuals with mental health issues at the Institute of Mental Health (Singapore), in an acute psychiatry setting. She gained further exposure working in the hospital, community and school settings. She has experience providing psychotherapy for clients in a wide age range from children and adolescents to adult and elderly individuals. The issues presented by her clients include: Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Self-Esteem Issues, Anger Issues, Sleep Issues, Trauma, Bipolar Disorder, Somatic Symptom Disorders, Eating Disorders, Phobias, Personality Disorders, Interpersonal Difficulties, Relationship Difficulties (Friendships, Romantic, Familial), Caregiver Stress, Self-Harm Tendencies, Assertive Training, Socio-Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (children and adolescents).

She has also conducted educational assessments, worked closely with parents to promote positive parenting behaviours, and reduce caregiver stress. She additionally conducts cognitive and psychological assessments for both children and adults who require recommendations pertaining to their educational or psycho-social functioning.

Her therapy style is warm, empathetic, and eclectic, to encourage deeper self-understanding for her clients. Being trained in a variety of psychotherapies, Bhavani employs an exploratory approach that is based on an individual’s unique presentation and history:

✽   Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
✽   Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

✽   Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
✽   Schema Therapy
✽   Mindfulness-based approaches

Bhavani provides therapy in both English and Tamil, either face-to-face or via Psychology Blossom's secure Telehealth platform for online sessions. Apart from being a Clinical Psychologist, Bhavani is also an artist, entrepreneur, and a fitness enthusiast.

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