Privacy Policy

Commitment to Privacy 

At Psychology Blossom, we prioritise the wellbeing and mental health of our clients, and we practice confidentiality and comply with the guidelines of the Personal Data Protection Act to control our collection, use and disclosure of your information.

We consider the data we collected and recorded from you to be true and accurate. You may update this data at any point. In the event you wish to conceal certain information, note that it may hinder the progress of the therapy as we may no longer be in position to provide you the appropriate services.

Collection of Information  

The following information that you have indicated in the intake form or online registration form:

Full Name;
Date of Birth;
NRIC/FIN number (last 4 digits);
Email Address;
Mobile Number;
Previous/Current Medical (Psychological/Psychiatric) History;

will only be used for medical and therapeutic purposes. Your information will help us to better understand your needs and personalise your treatment accordingly so that a good relationship can be established. We strive to only collect what is needed and that your consent will be obtained before usage for any other purpose.

General Purpose of Your Personal Data

Your email address may be used to send confirmation of appointment date(s) and reminders for upcoming appointment(s). By accepting services by our clinic and providing your personal data, you hereby agree that your personal data may be collected, process, disclosed, accessed, reviewed and/ore used by our clinic, including personal data obtained from sources other than yourself, for either medical services, resolution of complaints or enquiries, collection of fees of services, verification or identification purposes, carrying out billing, accounting, auditing for the clinic’s operation and business records, compliance with requirement for law or court order, and/or alerting authorities if safety is compromised.

Protection of Personal Data

Your data will be stored electronically and appropriate safeguards and security measures are taken to prevent misuse, loss or unauthorised access, modification and or disclosure of your personal data. Your personal information will only be disclosed to a third party with your permission, and all materials will remain property of Psychology Blossom. Your information will not be sold, exchanged, transferred or given to any organisations without your consent, other than for purposes requested by you.

Access to your personal data will only be authorised to psychologists and employees working in Psychology Blossom, or to authorised third parties such as for compliance with law. Our electronic system is password-secured and only authorised individuals can access the system.

Updates to the Privacy Policy

Psychology Blossom reserves the right to update or change its Privacy Policy at any point of time. Do contact our us at [email protected] if you wish to address your concerns, update, or withdraw your personal data.