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Terms and Conditions

This agreement governs any psychological services provided to you or other persons that you are nominating to interact with Psychology Blossom.

Celestine Chua
Psychotherapist & Counsellor
MSSc (Professional Counselling), BA Psych (Hons), Registered Counsellor (SAC)

1. We consider that the data we collect and record from you is true and accurate. Your personal data will be stored in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. You can request to update this data at any point in the future. In the event that you choose to conceal certain information, please be mindful that this may have adverse effects on your therapy progress.

2. Your personal information will be confidentially stored, and only disclosed to a third party with your permission, or if required by law or a court order. In addition, Psychology Blossom preserves the right to alert authorities if your safety or that of others is at risk. All materials remain the property of Psychology Blossom.

3. You agree that Psychology Blossom is not responsible for any loss you suffer, of any nature, from the use of Psychology Blossom’s website or our psychological services. We exclude from any loss liability to the fullest extent permitted by law. We expressly disclaim any liability for any omission, inaccuracy, error, or misstatement in the content or materials that are provided to you or posted on our website

4. Individual therapy and couple therapy sessions are typically scheduled for 50 minutes and 80 minutes respectively. Extensions to your therapy sessions are calculated in blocks of 15minutes.

5. Matters such as scheduling of appointments, checking homework, and discussing admin matters are considered part of the therapy session. Please bring up any important matters at the start of your therapy session, as your therapist is unlikely to have the necessary time to address any important matters brought up towards the end of your session.

6. Psychology Blossom has established a rate of SGD180 per session for individual therapy, and SGD330 for couples therapy.

7. Please consult with your therapist or admin staff for the different rates that may apply for atypical
services, such as outcalls and writing reports. Such fees are calculated as a function of time and day,
venue (e.g. outcalls), and the nature of the services that are provided.

8. Please be punctual for your appointments as your sessions continue to conclude at the scheduled time
in the event that you arrive late.

9. For rescheduling or cancellations of appointments, please note that we require a minimum 48-hour
notice prior to the scheduled appointment time. This would allow us time to allocate the slot to other
clients who could benefit from the availability.

10. Our policy is that cancellations made in less than our notice period incur a 100% fee (unless a special arrangement has been made with your therapist.)

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