Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

The basis of DBT is derived from the philosophical idea of ‘Dialectics’, which basically explains that when there are diametrically opposing ideas or forces, change can be brought about through “dialogue” between the people holding these different points of views.

Therefore, DBT borrows this idea in order to form a middle ground between the thesis and antithesis by validating clients’ emotional experiences and how they cope in response to them. While even close friends and families may not understand them, DBT reassures clients that their responses are understandable, albeit not always being healthy.

Afterwards, we are then able to work towards changing these maladaptive behaviours, particularly through the use of strategies.

The strategies often taught through DBT are:

Core Mindfulness: Helps you to pay more attention to your present thoughts and feelings as well as be more aware of your surroundings, especially in the midst of emotional distress.

- Distress Tolerance: Arms you with the necessary skills needed to help you cope with overwhelming emotions, in order to improve in the long-term.

-Interpersonal Effectiveness: Learning how to better express yourself to others in order to form healthier relationships with others

- Emotion Regulation: Better your ability to identify and cope with negative emotions to allow yourself to enjoy more positive emotional experiences.

DBT is especially effective in helping clients with Borderline Personality Disorder who have suicidal thoughts and self-harming tendencies. Other disorders the DBT is often used for include Bipolar Disorder, eating disorders and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, among many others.

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