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Symbolic of love, warmth, and joy, the welcoming of a child to the family marks a new chapter in life for many prospective parents. While it may be daunting to go through a psychological evaluation before adoption, the outcome of this process is hope, the prospect of a joyful family life, and happy childhood for the to-be-adopted child.

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Prospective Adoptive Parents (PAPs) Psychological Assessment Report

What to expect in a Psychological Evaluation for Adoption

A psychological evaluation is an assessment purposed to evaluate the mental competency of prospective adoptive parents, and details one’s suitability to adopt. The psychological evaluation for adoption performed by our psychologists include: an initial intake interview, the Gottman Relationship Check-up Online Questionnaire, the administration of the Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale – 21 items (DASS-21), a follow-up interview, and finally a feedback session.

The Gottman Relationship Check-Up is a set of 337 questions intended to assess broad areas of marriage (e.g. friendship, intimacy, conflict skills, compatibility, trust, commitment), as well as other more specific areas (e.g. parenting, finances, housework, individual areas of concern). It is a useful tool that scores a relationship's strengths and challenges and provides specific recommendations for intervention.

The DASS-21 is a set of three self-report scales designed to measure the emotional states of depression, anxiety and stress. It is a reliable method used by trained psychologists to assess for behavioural dysregulation.

At the end of the psychological evaluation, our psychologists will provide prospective parents with a report containing an endorsed recommendation on whether one is fit to adopt.

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Psychology Blossom is in collaboration with CARA (Central Adoption Resource Authority) and the High Commission of India in Singapore.

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